Tools of Titans – How to Beat the Unbeatable

My blog is about psychology. The goal of my blog is to help everyone become successful. If you are person with depression, I will help you out, if you are just one of normal people, I will help you become a greater one.

I believe that there are people with extraordinary physical or mental capabilities. The top 10%, the minorities. Whether if its university entrance exams, your work fields, etc there are people who out-perform the others in their fields. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them, most of us are not. For the top minority of people, it might be easy to overcome barriers in their lives. For most of us, may not be the case.

How do we overcome our barriers? – Tools

Most of us probably have played some sort of a game as a kid. I used to play World of Warcraft, and I had some levels where I got stuck and I couldn’t get to the next stage anymore. So everytime I was stuck, I searched up on the internet how to get to the next stage. You probably had a same experience, when you look it up, you reduce the time and effort significantly to get to the next level. If I were to find a way to get to the next level by myself, it might have taken me the whole day, but I reduced the time and effort significantly by looking up how to get to the next level. It was a tool, I was using peoples tools to get to the next level.

World of Warcraft leveling character

Tools are know-hows, knowledge, experience, its a shortcut to success. I also believe that as humans, we are given the privilege to pass on knowledge. In modern days, with the help of internet, we can access knowledge anytime, anywhere, whenever, wherever we want. We have internet, books, libraries etc to access these tools. I believe that if we have the right tools, we can overcome any barriers in our life.

Tools of Titans

Tools of Titans is a book written by Tim Ferriss, one of my favourite authors. It is divided into Health, Wealth, Wise sections where Tim interviews different people who are one of the best in their fields.

I was fascinated by his idea of gathering tools. Its a way to beat the unbeatable. We don’t have to be the top 10% in our fields to be great, by gathering tools, we can be top 20~50% and become great. That is my view in solving problems in our lives.

I once read a line somewhere few years ago saying that great leaders like Bill gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Tony Robins etc read a lot of books. I wondered why. Nevertheless I started reading a lot of books, I read a few fiction books but I lost interest very quickly so I turned over to self development and psychology. I didn’t need a lot of help because it had very little to do with job until depression hit me seriously hard, and I was at a stage where I was making plans on suicide. I don’t think you guys will be interested in listening to my story, but I got out of it. I’m here to share the tools I used to get myself out of that depression. I’m here to help the people who are seriously depressed, which is why I started off my blog with depression as my first post.

I will be sharing the techniques in psychology, techniques in life in the future posts. Thank you for reading, Your subscription is my power to keep this blog going, please subscribe.

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