Relative Poverty

A lot of my friends have become unemployed recently due to the corona outbreak. There are thousands of people who came to Sydney to study or work, and have gone back to their country because they have become unemployed and couldn’t afford living in Sydney where living costs are so expensive. Some international students have even been kicked out on the streets, homeless. Some families are trying to save as much as possible, spending under $100 a week.

Yet, I still see a lot of pictures and videos of people relaxing in luxurious pools in nice sunny day, in their expensive swim suits on social media.

In the modern society, pretty much everyone has a facebook or instagram account. Especially in the young population, you almost feel like an outsider if you don’t have one.

Humans have an instinct to stay within communities, that is why we like to go into social media, to feel connected to the community and interact with each other. Humans also have an instinct to show off their status to the community. This instinct have evolved in order for individuals to thrive and mate with strong and competitive ones. It’s why people post their luxurious houses, cars, swimming pools, etc to show off on social media.

The problem occurs when people who are poor, or are doing okay in terms of social status see these things. They start to feel Relative Poverty. It’s not that they can’t afford themselves, but they compare themselves with the rich people on facebook and instagram. In the end, they feel poor.

Although people are able to afford living costs by themselves, or with government subsidy, looking at the rich people’s lives, they feel vulnerable and weak.

What should you do if you feel Relative Poverty?

Of course, it’s straight forward. Stop looking at SNS.

The more complicated problem is that you can’t quit SNS. SNS usage have risen since the COVID outbreak. Also your main go-to when you chat to friends is SNS.

So what if you can’t quit SNS?

Keep in mind, most of those photos are not real or have been designed to show off. The aim on facebook is to get as many likes as they can, so there is a lot of bluff.

You will know what I mean if I tell you there’s things called bank accounts

Just by knowing that there are a lot of bluffing going on in SNS, and marketing strategies to pull traffic, it will help you grow the ability to distinguish if posts are real or fake. Once you realize those things are fake and just marketing tactics, and they’re doing that to survive just like you, there is no chance that you will feel relatively poor.

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