Perceiving Refusal, Rejections / How to Not Feel Bad

We are human beings, we have a want to be respected, we have a want be liked. In opposite, we get hurt with rejections, refusals. Whether if it is relationships or business related refusals, our mind gets damaged when we are refused.

Also, it may be difficult for us to refuse something. Again, whether it be love or work related proposals, it’s difficult to refuse. Sometimes people grab you on the streets asking for donations, it’s difficult to refuse, because we are human beings.

Is there a way to not feel bad getting refused?

First, is refusal a good thing or a bad thing? most people say its bad. People think its bad because it means something in them didn’t satisfy the other, they think its a problem in themselves. Its easy to believe that way, but refusal is neither good or bad. Refusal just means someone didn’t like what you said or proposed.

Isn’t that the same thing as what I said before?

No, people thinking something in themselves is rejected, compared to people thinking something they said or proposed is rejected is different. It is the idea, product or service that was rejected, not me. The idea, product or service that I was proposing didn’t satisfy the others, so was rejected. Not me.

Let’s give an example, I’m trying to sell a laptop, and I give an explanation of the laptop to the customer, and he/she doesn’t buy it. Was I trying to sell myself? no I was trying to sell the laptop. Something was unsatisfying the customer. So why do you think it was unsatisfying the customer? because there was something that the customer didn’t like. Which means if I change that and try selling it to the customer again, he/she will buy it. You need to separate yourself from your idea, product or service, so that your not the one who’s getting rejected.

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