Insomnia – When you can’t Sleep

I do remember myself mentioning shortly about insomnia before in my first post. I got a suggestion that I should write about insomnia because of what is going on in the world right now. Corona virus not only affected our health, it affected many things including our mental health. I’ve seen posts of people saying their conditions worsened after self isolating, especially with depression. In my perspective, insomnia can come from habitual things, but it can also come from thoughts.

What’s causing it?

I had insomnia for a long time in my life. For years, I thought it was a habitual problem, so I tried changing the environment like blue light filters, caffeine, sleeping time etc. It was a weird feeling, sometimes it was an unexplanable pressure that was on my mind, sometimes I was able to explain it but I over-thought about it for hours. When I went to the doctor, they told me I’m drinking too much caffeine and looked at me like if I’m dumb. I know what caffeine does, I didn’t drink coffee everyday for 8 years.

I’m not a psychologist nor I don’t do anything related for work, but I do have a few patient of mine who tells me they suffer from insomnia. I guess what’s common is everyone has something in their mind, work, family issue, etc. It’s usually a problem, and a problem that’s hard to distinguish if it can be controlled or not. Sometimes they are controllable, but just requires a lot of effort. The point I want to get across to begin with is, see if you can control it or not. There are things that we can control, such as our weight, our skills, work etc. There are things that we cannot control such as weather, natural disaster, COVID, economic crisis, government regulation etc. If the problem falls under uncontrollable area, thinking about it will only make the stress worsen. If that uncontrollable problem is damaging me, I still can’t do anything, what I can do is to ignore that problem and work harder in the controllable area. If COVID or inflation occurs, everyone is under the influence, not just me.

Occasionally, we get small problems here and there. When we ignore these problems, it builds up and forms a huge problem. When it gets bigger, we start losing track, and don’t even know where to start. This is also when my previous post come up. I mentioned how if you simplify the problems, it gets easier to solve them, you’ll know where to start and everything. As soon as you list things down, you’ll know where to start, and start looking at the problem in different perspectives to solve the problem.


Overthinking is probably the one that makes people stay awake the most. It’s a process of chasing problems. Sometimes it comes from anger, sadness and other emotional feelings. The thing about this is, even if you are aware that you are overthinking, you can’t stop it.

Lucky I am Korean, and I came across this book called Watching. Unfortunately most of my followers won’t be able to read it. Here’s is the tool for today. One of the things in this book was about observer effect. It’s a physics thing, I know, but what the author was saying was ‘looking at yourself in third perspective will help you become more positive and improve self satisfaction’, so you are looking at yourself as if someone else is looking at you, and that person doesn’t know what you are thinking about.

I was still having sleeping problems when I was reading this book, and I noticed I was overthinking. I tried it, worked perfectly. As soon as I looked at myself in 3rd perspective, my stress related thoughts disappeared like it never existed before. I don’t know why, but it worked.

Of course, not all people are having same problem as me. So if you are having sleeping problems, I recommend trying something on the internet like taking magnesium, setting blue-light filters on phone, going to bed early, etc, if you don’t know, try going to the doctors first. If all that doesn’t help, I recommend trying out observer effect.

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