How to Start something New- Just Do It?

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Just Do It?

I see a lot of people saying when it comes to starting something new like lifestyle, habits, or business etc they tell people to ‘just do it’ first. I don’t agree with that. Doing something incorporates a decision, different decisions make different results, and just doing something without any preliminary preparation might lead you to results you didn’t want or make you quit easy.


As I mentioned in my previous posts about persistence One and Two, persistence is key to achieving something. You must plan to make the environment where you will not give up. Persistence is more important than starting. ‘Just do it’ tells you to use willpower, but willpower diminishes over time. Of course, things like push ups, you will gain immediate results in short term if you just do it, but things like making habits or starting a new business will require your to be persistent. You need planning to be persistent.

I’m not saying you should prepare so much that you spend a year to get ready to start. You don’t need a scientifically backed up evidence or scientifically updated equipments to start something new. If you feel like your 60~70% ready, then you are all good to start. Because even if you are feeling like you are 100% ready, we can never be ready about things there are always unexpected situations, you will never be fully prepared. Can people make right decisions if they have enough knowledge? our minds are so vulnerable to emotions, pressure, and situation. Pre-research is not going to get you better results.

You need to clarify your goal and list out the actions needed. When that is clear, you can start. You don’t just start, especially in situations where decisions can damage you.

If you want to start a shop, you need to consider it with necessary research because if you mess up, it will damage your finance, if you have a rent contract, you can’t pull out even if you’re in loss. You need to clarify what the core value of your shop is before you start, you need to look at local competitions and see if you will be able to compete them, you need to see how much needs there are in the local area, etc. If you just start out of nowhere, your likely going to fail.

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