How to Persist/ Not Give Up

Yesterday, I said I’m going to write about how not to give up on anything. The link is Mind over Matter – Failure, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia

I personally do not believe in willpower. Willpower diminishes over time. What keeps us going is our habits and environment. Willpower is only needed to initiate something. Of course there are some circumstances where we can achieve something just by purely using willpower, but what if the thing you are trying to do requires minimum 5, or 10 years of effort? how long will you last?

Lets think of giving up, what makes us give up?

I can think of 2 factors that leads to giving up. Lack of confidence toward success, and Lack of resources(time, money, effort, etc).

First one is lack of confidence toward success. The uncertainty ahead of you.

Imagine if you are dropped in a middle of a desert, you can’t see anything ahead except the horizon. What would you do? most people answer they will start walking, just walk towards anywhere.

But what if you see an oasis ahead of you? You will run as fast as you can toward it.

If the future is uncertain, people hesitate to make a move. If future is certain, people try as hard as they can to achieve it. So if you can clearly visualize what your end goal looks like, with all the details as you can, you will do everything you can to get there. I mentioned in the last post that it’s important to believe that you can achieve your goals, but it’s also important to clearify the specific steps you need to do to make your future more visible. Otherwise, if you just have a goal and no plan, you are never going to get there. In short, clarify the specific plan of action in order to clarify your goal.

Second factor that makes us give up is the lack of resources. The time, money, effort. If we have limited amount of resources, we only have few shots to accomplish our goal. Lets say I want to get a toy out of a claw crane machine.

Claw crane machine

Each try costs $2 and I have $6, that means I only have 3 shots. But what if I have $100? I have a 50 shots and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get at least one out of it. I’m not saying get more money, I’m saying if you can minimize the resources down to the minimum where it’s not going to hurt you, your chance of achieving the goal increases drastically. Minimize the resources that are being put into each shots.

Time, I spent total 6 years into building my business the studies, researches, finances etc. I fell into severe depression when it was on downfall. I spent day and night working on developing everything, I was up until 7am at some point. When it collapsed, it hit my mentality really hard. Why?

Because I spent 6 years in it. All the resources that I put in was too much, a part of my life wasted into nothing. I thought to myself, what if there was a way to spend less time on that? Even with studies, there are always a more efficient way. If I was able to spend just an hour everyday for 6 years instead of staying up until 7am, it wouldn’t have caused my mentality this much damage.

How would I reduce the resources? I can explain it but it will be a super long story which might not be relevant to all of us because we all do different things so I will post it if my followers want it in the comments.

But the message I want to deliever is there is always a way to reduce the resource costs in anything.

So the answer to how to create an environment which will make you succeed is:

  1. Clarify each specific steps of what you need to do before you take action.

  2. Reduce the amount of resource costs for each tries as much as you can as possible so that it doesn’t damage you mentally, physically or in any way.

May be I will actually post an example of how to reduce the resource on the next post, I know I wasn’t too clear in todays post, but thanks for reading my post. Please subscribe, your subscription is my power to keep the blog going.

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