Environment and Goals


I think environments account to 80% of the importance when it comes to achieving our goals. Because consistency is what makes us achieve our goals, and consistency is maintained by environment. People may think “yeah of course, environment is important, who doesn’t know that?”, but my understanding in environment may be a little bit different.

The word environment by definition means the surroundings where we live or operate. When I first heard that environment is an important factor in performance, I thought of my workspace, my desk, my utensils, my computer and etc. And as I got older, I realized this wasn’t what they meant.

When we start reaching for a goal, we initially plan on how we will achieve it. In the planning process, we think of how we are going to allocate our time, money, and effort. We estimate if the goal is realistically achievable or not. The most important thing here is not my desk, my utensil, etc. The important thing is, do I have the right people?, do I have enough money to achieve this goal? do I have the right knowledge?

So what I think of environments is that environments are my relationships, bank account, occupation, and etc, not the physical surroundings at my house or workplace. These are what really makes us keep going or give up. If I don’t have enough people around me to help me, then I have to look for people first. If I don’t have enough money to achieve this goal, then I have to make more money first. If I don’t have the right knowledge, then I have to look for that knowledge first. We must build the environment first before we start our actions. If we have the right environment, we are more likely to achieve our goals.

We are mostly ordinary people. In order for ordinary people to achieve big goals, consistency is critical. People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, might not need planning or environment. But for me or any ordinary people, we all know that there are no such thing as free and easy accomplishments. That’s why we need help from our environment, and of course, these environments are not free, we have to pay it off by effort, money, or time in order to build the environment first.

Why is relationship important here?

Another important concept in maintaining consistency is our mentality. By relationship, I don’t necessarily mean professional people in the field. I’m including any type of relationships, like family or friends.

Before we start our actions toward our goal, there are people who you can tell about what you are doing, and people who you shouldn’t tell.

For example, you start telling everyone that your planning to lose weight, or start a new business because you think you will do well.

What if you fail?

Deep in your mentality, you will be ashamed that people around you know that you failed. You will never want to try it again.

But if you don’t let other people know, you won’t have to worry about how other people look at you. Most of the time, our mentality collapses from external factors, like other people, your situation, etc (if you feel sad or angry all of a sudden while doing nothing, I recommend seeing a psychology specialist because it might be from a mental problem you have). If you are the only one who knows that you failed, it won’t take a big toll on your mentality. You have enough time to let people know after you achieve it. When you start, just tell people who you can really trust, and who you really love, because your words will become your responsibility.

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