COVID and our mentality

I think poverty is a big factor that contributes to our mental deterioration. Especially, nowadays with COVID going on, there are so many people losing jobs, work hours, businesses that’s been built with years of efforts, etc. It’s not only staying at home all the time that is creating this whole depression, it is the fear and anxiety of the uncertain future ahead of us.


What should our mindset be?

First, I want to ask the question, is this your fault? of course no, COVID is not your fault. Whether it’s losing job, work hours, business, it’s not because you’ve done something wrong. It’s not because you lack competency, skills, or effort. Always remember that this is Not because of YOU.

What should we be aware of?

Whether it is getting paid hourly, commission, business owner, investor, as long as we are living inside the capitalist system, we are all under a certain risks. one of the risks are the economical crisis, such as the Great depression, Japan’s lost 20 years, Dot com bubble, subprime mortgage, etc. COVID-19 is one of them. They all come and go in random times, and all of lasted certain amounts time of course, and the current one will do too. All of them caused panic and depression, but we need to be aware that it will pass by just like the ones before.

What do you need to do?

You need to save of course, and be smart with money. Also, keep in mind this is out of your control. There are things you can do and not do. Just like controlling the weather is out of our control. COVID and financial crisis, you can’t control it. The government and healthcare workers are trying as hard as they can to settle the situation. What you need to do is work as hard as you can in the area where you have control. Use the time wisely, use what is given to you, such as the internet to find jobs online or work online, use whatever skills you have if your unemployed. For me, I’m still working because I’m a healthcare worker but if I lost my job, I can speak 2 languages so I can do translation as a freelancer or teach, etc. Whatever you do, as long as you are giving value to people, you are helping the society.

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